Dubai New Year’s Fireworks 2015 HD 1080p


  1. Wow. I was surprised. I waited so much for Dubai. London so much better
    fireworks. And NYC, obviously, very much better party

  2. Of Ali the times I’ve been in Dubai, I have yet to didn’t a new years
    there. There best fireworks display ever. 

  3. Ay Allah! Such beauty, such magnificence. Dubai is the best. Nver have I
    seen such art, elegance and extravagance placed in New Years celebration.
    Allah bless you all.

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  6. These are the jackals destrying Syria. These are the “emirs” who feast on
    the corpse of Iraq. This is the shame of the world order.

  7. That’s probably got to be one of the world’s most boring New Year’s Eve
    celebrations anywhere: No one is drinking.


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