1. This is happening allot in the Arab countries. They are ilmanered,
    uneducated & violent. I feel sorry for these sisters. May god bless them
    all hapiness to their whole family :'(

  2. Its horrible how anyone can treat another humans as slaves, my girlfriend
    is a filipina and i find that filipinos are one of the nicest people i know
    in this world, they deserve alot better than the abuse here.

  3. U racist punks. Its when a rich elite view everyone below them as peasants
    that this happens, and this can occur any where in the world.

  4. I am from philippines and I am proud to be pilipino. If the maid have a
    good employer keep the good work up….but if the employer is so fucking
    bad fuck them up…shitt fucking shitt ur bullshitt employer dont have
    right to hurt u pity maid…u look young and beautiful and especialy good
    smell ..maybe their jelous of u..wahhhh

  5. Fahhhhuck Dubai!!! Their fancy skyscrapers look like a piece of shit to me,
    now. Tourism ain’t gonna work for your sorry country after all the natural
    resources have been shoved up your asses! Yes, your asses! Coz u never pay
    your laborers, shit! I feel for the good folks in Dubai – DISGUSTED – coz
    your silence condones all the fucked up shit happening in your country, so
    FUCK y’all too!!!

  6. Not all of the people in dubai treat maids like this, this is absolutely
    disrespectful, like you can’t just treat a maid like that, I have a maid
    myself, I treat her very nicely, respect her, give her all the needs she
    needs, I give her the exact salary as needed, and no not all people treat
    maids like this, some people are just very stupid and have no manners or
    respect, but I can assure you this rarely happens

    • +Sara
      Still, I consider modern slavery any form of work where maids do not have
      limited daily working hours and days off weekend and freedom to leave the
      house of their employers after those working hours. I am not saying
      everyone is abusing their maids in Middle East but still it is so
      widespread that it can’t be ignored and should be fixed by ME governments’
      laws and not left as personal choice to be fair or vile. Most preferable
      situation would be for maids to be employed by offices not household and to
      come on hourly basis to perform their work and leave and anyway you need
      specific house chores assistance service not perpetual guest sharing your
      house and limiting your intimacy with your spouse and kids.

    • +Mestiso De Sanglay This is indeed cruel and those are not human but please
      don’t include Islam or word Muslim because it is nothing to do with their
      behavior. They are like this by own nature. They are not believers if they
      do such acts!

  7. I have been to Dubai. Beneath all that glistering lies an ugly reality
    where human beings are beaten for the fun of it. These pathetic bastards
    are well-behaved when they are in the western world for fear of being
    arrested if they engage in that sort of behavior. I have seen a driver from
    Bangladesh beaten and deformed beyond recognition by these bastards. In
    Riyadh, Jeddah, the Saudis do the same shit. If you are looking for work,
    don’t go to Arab land. You are far better off anywhere on the planet except
    with these savages. Cheers.

    • yeah man there so many wealthy arrogant scumbags here in middle east based
      on my experience and according to my fellow Overseas Filipino Workers.

  8. some arabs are good but most are bad these filipina maids are unlucky but
    this is common place this kind treatment the philippine embassy could do
    more to help their own citizens!!

  9. Never ever trust an Arab they are the most greedy and selfish bastards
    you’ll ever meet. They only serve themselves, if they don’t love their own
    families what makes anyone think they’ll care about anyone else they come
    across. They gather their wealth by the suffering of other people.

  10. Based on how Arabs treat their maids and foreigners in general i feel like
    most of them are psychopaths probably inherited generation to generation.
    It seems like so many of them lack basic human empathy. I can’t imagine the
    way they must treat animals, psychopaths are specially cruel to animals.


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