Making a decision about hiring a maid in UAE or using maid services is sometimes difficult. You need to prepare good interview questions in order to take the right decision about the maid you are going to hire. If you are hiring a live-in maid in UAE, that means she will be working and living in your house. You should know each and everything about her. You have to know even her habits and aptitudes besides her working abilities. Even If she is working for few hours, you would want to know whether she is fit for the job.

Whether you are sponsoring your maid directly or use a UAE maid service, you need to have the above stated information. Explained are some interview questions which will help you employing a maid.

Remember maids will say yes to so many things in order to get the job. For instance she may be scared of dogs and she would say she loves pets or maybe she doesn’t like babysitting at all.

It is essential for everybody to state the job description clearly to the potential maid, e.g. cleaning? Cooking? Baby sitting? child care? pet care? etc. to ensure prior to she makes a decision about taking a job and waste your money on the sponsorship process. You have to assure that there exists a greater chance she will fit into your family members as well as both of you to be satisfied.

You need to simply go with your own instincts regarding how they suit your family. It’s advisable they arrive to your residence and find out exactly where maids might be staying. Speak to them regarding working hours, salary and also predicted responsibilities. Essential they meet with your kids to find out the way that they respond.

Several UAE maids we questioned failed to realize that we were interviewing several young ladies and then make a selection. They would finish the job interview inquiring if they are starting tomorrow.

If you use a maid service in UAE you don’t need to ask too many questions. Maid service providers usually screen, interview and train their maids and even if you make a wrong decision, you can ask them for replacement.

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