After traveling from New York to sunny California, this young woman can hardly wait to see her new nose. See her reaction to Dr. Michael Elam’s work. Watch more videos like this one at

Footage included in this video was originally created by Dr. Michael Elam.

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    • +Nicole Garcia I don´t believe that. When I saw my new nose for the first
      time I got so emotional and had tears in my eyes. It was new prettier me,
      but still me. 🙂 amazing feeling and yes it made me cry

  1. What’s with all these odd comments? If it makes her happy its what should
    matter most. And there is clearly an obvious change, her nose is less hook
    shaped and is more petite and pointed up. The Dr. did an excellent job. Her
    face looks balanced now..

  2. I wish they have shown us a front picture of her nose, because it looks
    really pretty before the surgery! Even more beautiful than after!!

  3. lol how hypocritical, the same people saying she looked better before,
    interrupting god’s work, etc. etc., would bully someone who didn’t look as
    good as she did before.

    • u are totaly right !! we should look on the inside beauty for the outside a
      couple of years maybe a 5 !! ur total body change every singel 6 month it s
      crazy and if we count on the outside we should be sure it will vanish but
      the inside still the same forever

  4. people get nose jobs for no reason…. like my nose was broken 5 times..
    and its totally messed up.. and these people have nothing wrong with their
    nose and they become all depressed and self conscious.. nobody else sees it
    but you.. and on the other hand everyone told me my nose was messed up and
    i got made fun of everyday.. shoot where do these people get the money from
    ? i want to know cause shoot i need one. these people dont compare lol

  5. I’m not confused about why she had surgery OR what the difference is. I’m
    just confused about her reaction it makes it look like she didn’t even have
    a nose before or something ?

  6. big or I should say bigger.. noses define your identity.. you become more
    rememberable and noticed In a good way.. I get it if it were crooked or the
    huggest hump ever .. but ya I would rather get butt implants lol


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