Dubai is a fun and frivolous playground on the Persian Gulf, but don’t consider it the Vegas of the Middle East. Many a foreigner has been thrown in jail for unwittingly committing an offense.
So here are 12 things not to do when in Dubai.

Number 1;
Don’t do Drugs.
Dubai has zero tolerance towards possession, use and selling of drugs. Even prescription drugs may be considered contraband.

Don’t Drink in Public.
Go easy on that all-you-can-drink champagne brunch, nightclub or bar binge.

No Nudity.
Women must refrain from going topless at the beach. And even men should cover-up, when walking through the streets.

No Song and Dance.
Don’t play loud music or dance in the streets. Resist the urge until you’re on an official dance floor.

No Kissing in Public.
A British couple was jailed for having sex on a beach, but even kissing can get you in trouble.

Watch your Tongue.
Avoid cussing and blasphemous remarks against Islam. Many foreigners have been jailed for making an off-the-cuff comment.

Keep Style Sensible.
Dubai is a stylish cosmopolitan city but there has been a recent crackdown on women wearing tight, short, skimpy, or suggestive clothing.

Watch your Photography.
It is considered rude and intrusive to snap shots of people, especially women, without expressed permission.

Watch Your Wallet.
Dubai has a low crime rate and one tends to get complacent but petty crime does happen here, as everywhere.

Keep Your Gay Views on the Quiet.
Any sexual relations outside of a traditional marriage is considered a crime in Dubai.

Don’t Eat in Public During Ramadan.
Do not eat, drink or smoke in public while Muslims are fasting. Even chewing gum is disrespectful.

And number 12.
Don’t Use Your Left Hand!
The left hand is traditionally used for “body hygiene” in Muslim cultures, so don’t greet anyone with a left handed shake, open doors and above all, don’t hand somebody food, with your left hand.

Now you can enjoy your stay in one of the World’s most influential cities.…/dubai-lawyers/


  1. All of this is bullshit!…sex on a beach will get you in Trouble anywhere
    just as not being covered except for the beach…kissed my bf in dubai and
    nobody cares

  2. Dubai this dubai about immigrants paid low wage or no
    about maids sodomized raped burnt murdered and tortured.the rich arab scums
    in every western capitol doing drugs prostitution liquor.all the whore
    houses from morocco to bangkok filled with saudis and fake arabs.the rich
    arabs can afford with oil $.one day the oil gone.the fake arabs will eat
    sand and do camel.go to hell fake.usa#1 as always.from great americans.

    • +allan J get your
      A:head out of your ass
      B:nothing is perfect
      C:we dont have “maids sodomized raped burnt murdered and tortured”
      D: all we have is stupid conservative laws
      and america sucks because im always getting kicked out of stores for
      wearing rollerblades ,absolutely DISGUSTING justice system! can get shot
      justifiably by police or in Florida by being emotional and lying that you
      thought your life was in danger and finally a shitty tram system.
      also japan is the best if you ask me.

  3. Dubai is the best place to visit. Ive been there like 11 times and can’t
    wait t go there again. And I’ve seen people wearing short shorts and skirts
    and holding hands and noone ever said a word to them. If you don’t wanna go
    there – your loss! Arabs don’t give a shit about what you think about them.

  4. People, do no go to spend your money in this rich and hellish rich
    artificial city. Come to South America, we have hundreds of beautiful
    cities with gorgeous beaches and no muslin morons to police your life.

  5. The stupid left hand rule to touch genitals and ass hole was dictated by a
    man that was a right hand user, of course… he did not think that millions
    other citizens using left hand as others use right hand could be bothered.
    This is just one exemple of stupid things imposed by dictatorial religious
    weird rules. Send all religions to hell from where they came.

  6. I can’t understand how fucking retarded the comments are in this video. No,
    UAE isn’t a ‘Hindu’ country. No, these laws aren’t stupid. No, you don’t
    have to come anywhere near Dubai. No, no one asked you to leave a comment
    in this video talking about how much you hate Dubai. UAE is a Muslim
    country. Respect it’s laws or leave.

    • +Frosticious I sure hope most of Emiratis aren’t as unwelcoming as you.
      Dubai earns incredible amounts of money from tourism and owe many of its
      modern transformations to globalization. It just sounds so naive of you to
      say accept these laws or leave. I mean, I respect all religion to a degree;
      for example I wouldn’t wear over-exposing clothes and I wouldn’t drink in
      public. But laws like no holding hands? Don’t use your left hand? Or don’t
      show that you are gay? How is that in any way healthy even for Dubai’s own
      residents? Ps, I’m not here to criticize and I do love Dubai.

  7. man those Arabs are mother fucker fake people’s. In Dubai there are a lot
    of prostitutes more than any other countries in the world! You know why
    they don’t use left hand? Coz they they clean there ass after toilet with
    there index finger no tissue lol God bless America!!! Mother fucker Dubia

  8. Don’t do Drugs but how comes every clubs is full of drugs then and full of
    prostitutes and vile people can they explain this double standard laws and
    how comes the police rape people in prisons ? that’s gay. and how comes the
    police do all double standards things

  9. Number 1: drinking in public may be illegal in dubai, due to health
    Number 2: nobody wants to see you naked unless you’re harry styles so?
    Number 3: songs n dancing are completely allowed here in dubai that’s the
    most stupidest thing I’ve heard.
    Number 4: no kissing because like you can get a room and no one wants to
    see y’all lip locking.
    Number 5: you can wear whatever you’d like to wear whether it’s tight or
    not, just cover your private parts.
    Number 6: if you are gay, you can do whatever you want to.
    Number 7: if you’re not a Muslim, and you’re not fasting, you have the
    right to eat in public.
    Number 8: you can use your left hand wtf? That’s not illegal whatsoever.
    Thank you very much.

  10. I wish we had some of these rules in the United States. Frankly, I am
    embarrassed for the way some men and women go in public scantily dressed.
    I wonder what the women are thinking who wear the plunging necklines and
    display their mammary glands for the world to see. Those were made to feed
    babies. And, men who go shirtless with their trousers way below their
    navels and strut about as if announcing to the world that they are
    breeders. Geez, it would be nice to have a public dress code in this
    country. A little class and polite public behavior would really be an
    improvement over what we have now.

  11. This video should be renamed: “12 Reasons NOT TO GO to Dubai.” I don’t
    need to see people flaunting their wealth, while restricting basic
    freedoms. Screw them!

    • +Brian Shaw oh dont talk to her,she’s just 12!
      anyway,its still worth visiting for tourism reasons.
      also im an liberal emarati ,so im aint your enemy nor an alley

    • +Brian Shaw Yeah when u say my religon its the hole middel east so stfu. u
      can be gay at home and ouside just dont show it people have weird laws in
      their country like this one: dont drink or eat or take aasip of water SEEE
      daym its in sangaphorea.

    • +sara banota you’re an idiot….check out how many other posters hate
      Dubai. Dubai RESTRICTS basic freedoms enjoyed in other parts of the world.
      Your religion is HATEFUL and it OPPRESSES women, gays and “infidels” and
      you have the audacity to call me out? F##K YOU!

  12. A lot of these laws don’t apply like the left hand one that’s bullshit and
    the holding hands it’s very okay these are misconceptions
    And I was born here and raised here all my life

    • +Lunar Siren like um normal tshirt dont show ur belly button shorts over
      the knees or out but not to high jeans ir perfect. 🙂

    • I have a question. Let’s say a 22 year old girl is going to Dubai, what
      kind of clothing is ok to wear over there? Are skinny jeans, sleeveless
      shirts, boots, or shorts ok? Or is that too skimpy? Would appropriate
      attire be long full bodied dresses? I want to know what is ok and what
      isn’t with more specifics. 🙁

    • +Mohd Alsabsabi I hope you’re telling it true. What the blazes are porters
      and heavy laborers to do if they can’t use both hands?

  13. F Dubai then! When will the human race finally advance and progress,
    rather than hold on to outdated, ridiculous ancient religions, which were
    adopted back in a time when humans were much less intelligent?! This goes
    for ALL religions.

  14. Its pretty easy to not get in trouble in dubai, just dont kiss in front of
    other people because it is rude and put your shirt back on after the beach.

  15. As a shorts-and-t-shirt wearing person who loves holding hands with his
    wife while on vacation – oh, and I’m left-handed as well – this list served
    as just a few more reminders of why I have zero interest in ever visiting
    this place, nor anywhere else in the Middle East.

    • +SYNDICAIDRAMON There would be if you stopped complaining about random
      things that don’t affect you, making you seem rather ridiculous.

    • +SYNDICAIDRAMON Its the law of that country. Just like many people disagree
      with the United State’s gun laws, many disagree with UAE’s. You think
      eating a cow or chicken is fine but you think eating a dog is just wrong.
      Same difference. Humans will forever blame each other for what they
      perceive as morally incorrect.

    • +Frosticious So just because it’s based on religion. that suddenly makes it
      okay? I don’t think so.

      idiocy is idiocy, oppression is oppression and bigotry is bigotry,
      regardless of whether it’s religious based or not.

  16. I don’t do drugs, drink, or have sex in public places. I do, however, like
    my music, like dancing, like holding hands and let the occasional curse
    word fly while wearing shorts and tank tops. Oh, and I’m left handed. Thank
    every star in every galaxy I wasn’t born there. What a frikkin’ rathole.

    • That’s rich. It’s not like Muslims behead anyone who looks at them wrong,
      stone women and rape children, those are all just myths, right? Side note,
      learn how to type properly, your comment alone leads me to believe you’re
      an idiot.


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