“You think the shark tank is brutal – wait till you see this,” said realty maven Barbara Corcoran.



  1. This was an okay video…Decent info. I’m concerned that new agents will
    see videos like this and expect that they should have a chauffeured
    Cadillac Escalade though ;-/ 

  2. I francai . Our real estate agent are really different. I try to make a
    different property chain to be more professional, but we are not ” united ”
    like you.
    Thank you for sharing .

  3. Make sure you are working with a real estate firm who has your best
    interest as a priority. A large company does not always equal better
    service. Alpine Lakes Real Estate has been working with both buyers and
    sellers for 30 years to ensure that they reach a successful transaction.

    • I started with Coldwell Banker the spring of 2005 and switched to Alpine
      Lakes Real Estate the winter of 2005 (lol)

    • +Bobi Bigelow Hi Bobi. I just wanted to mention that not all big firms are
      created equal. I moved my license from Coldwell Banker to Keller Williams
      for just the reason you mentioned. CB was all about building their name.
      I want the best for my clients and I came to realize that Keller Williams
      has that same philosophy of putting the clients needs first. It’s all about
      great service and they have the resources to make that happen. They’ve
      managed to keep the personal touch while growing to this country’s number
      one real estate company. The way they do this is by having a bunch of
      agents like you and me, who genuinely care about giving their clients the
      best service they can possibly get.

  4. I totally agreed with @Bobi about real estate firms aren’t always equal
    quality services. They are roundabout only 10-20% companies offer better
    and affordable consultancy as we are expecting from their ideas. Click here
    to get more help: 

  5. This is extreme and so over exaggerated! I don’t know about the rest of
    the world, but in Ontario this would not happen, we are OVER regulated!

    REBBA (The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002), which is
    administered by RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) on behalf of the
    Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services regulates the trade of real estate in
    Ontario in the public interest. On behalf of the Ontario government, RECO
    administers and enforces REBBA 2002 and its regulations. As the regulator,
    RECO makes sure real estate professionals follow rules designed to uphold
    the integrity of the industry and protect consumers. In Ontario, any
    individual or business trading in real estate must be registered with RECO.
    In addition to this, CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) has very clear
    and precise rules also designed around the protection of Buyers & Sellers
    and their best interest. CREA’s members are known as ” REALTOR®” (Not all
    Real Estate Agents are REALTOR®) REALTOR®, abide by the ethical standards
    laid out in the Realtor Code.

    Bottom Line is, what’s portrayed in this video; the unethical, malicious,
    slimy, conniving behavior of these Real Estate Agents is not mainstream.
    Not a single devious angle mentioned has EVER been part of the way my team
    and I practice. The people we are in our business life is generally a great
    reflection of who we are in our personal life, these folks have bigger
    issues than bad business practices in my opinion!

  6. I’m surprised at some of these comments. I’m a Realtor. Yes, an
    unscrupulous, dishonest agent might try to do something unethical, but
    there are laws in place to protect the homeowner and buyers. If you are
    dishonest or unethical you can lose your license or even go to
    jail! Realtors (not every agent is a Realtor) voluntarily submit to a
    higher code of ethics by joining a local Real Estate Board, where they can
    be fined or lose their status of good standing if they act in a manner that
    is not in the best interest of their client. The contract between you and
    your client states clearly that you are bound by law to represent their
    best interest, not yours, not the buyers and not any other person. In
    addition EVERY OFFER is required to be submitted to the Seller. I don’t
    know where all these people practice real estate. Maybe they’re all in
    NY. Wherever it is, I’m glad I don’t live or sell real estate there!
    This is flat out false.

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  8. не само у нас има фалшиви обяви на #имоти и други недоразумения…
    Ако изберете да работите с брокер, важно е да изберете такъв, който ще
    работи във Ваш интерес.

  9. some of the real estate programs are very interesting………the
    millionaire listing shows are the worse of the lot.

  10. The money in real estate is not usually made by being an agent. If you are
    trying to make money fast in real estate you are better off learning how to
    be an investor.

  11. Wow. That kind of stuff might fly in New York but things like misleading
    information or failure to disclose information about something that is not
    in a clients best interest will get you ran out of town and get your
    license taken away down here.

  12. It’s very simple. Buyers, get serious about buying and act. Don’t waste
    your agents time with wishy washy behavior. Buy or get lost. Realtors, be
    honest about what you know. Sellers, don’t overprice your home to begin

  13. This shows the other side of the business. All of the scenarios talked
    about here has happened to me…stubborn sellers; overpriced house; buyers
    having zillow as their guide, gives me more work since information on other
    real estate websites are misleading. If you are a great real estate agent,
    you will survive all these minor annoyances. Every business has them.

  14. This gives agents like me a bad wrap. The first male agent is on the show
    Million Dollar Listings and has to be a shark to succeed in New York.
    However, I like to believe that agents are taught fiduciary duty and stand
    by that code.

  15. Holy sheet, I don’t know him but I am pretty good judge of charactor, this
    guy comes off as a class AAAAA phony, stereotype sleazeball RE agent. I
    would RUN as fast as I could if I met him.

  16. baloney hit piece. this is just not accurate at all. termites?????????jesus
    man, they all get inspections before you have to close. this only makes
    sseelrs and buyers more nervous.

  17. Complete Horse Sh**t! Realtors must abide by the NAR Code of Ethics. Buyers
    and Sellers sign state contracts to which your agent is, by law, a
    fiduciary to his or her client. This real estate “star” needs his butt
    dragged before his local Realtor Board for soem education at minimum! What
    a pathetic piece of journalism!

  18. Brokers are the ultimate blood sucking overpaid scum I have ever dealt with
    especially on the selling side. If I ever decide to go postal they will be
    the 1st on my list to exterminate.

  19. As a long time investor, I’ve had so many listing agents hide buyers and
    qualified offers from me numerous times. I’ve gone through so many! These
    are ‘TOP AGENTS’ that I chose. Just because an agent has the highest sales
    does not mean they possess integrity. I realized they want to find the
    buyer themselves and get the maximum commission while I sit and sit and sit
    on a property that could have been sold several times over. I’ve grown wise
    to it now, by following up on all the buying agents, or any info my agent
    gives me. I stopped just believing what an agent says and did my homework
    with follow through. What I found was shocking. I have not found a single
    agent as of yet, that came out clean. Now I have decided to get licensed
    and sell my own properties.

    One time: I was selling a coffee bar with property, and the potential
    listing agent who came to view it said it would ruin his reputation if he
    listed it for me. (Too small)

    Another time: An agent wanted me to take a low ball offer on some land I
    owned. When I refused he said, ‘Pigs eat, Hogs starve.’ I fired him and
    shortly after, I accepted an offer from a new agent, TRIPLE the offer that
    (Mr Pig) brought me.

    I have many more examples of this garbage.

  20. Or when your property is too far to drive to the outskirts of the city the
    realtor will just use your listing to get their phone ringing in their
    office and never show your place, discouraging the callers from your
    property and steering them to properties close by.

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    thousand of dollars o their real estate matters at close of escrow.


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